Breakfast is tense in the Hills' household. Nina leaves, unable to endure Sarah's insinuations that she stole her job at Bridge House. Irene tries to placate Sarah, who scoffs "it's a wonder she's not on probation herself. She's a prostitute, mum". Sarah soon realises Irene knew all along. Feeling betrayed Sarah storms out. Sarah confronts Nina and brands her a sinful hypocrite. When Sarah threatens to tell Alex, Nina calls her bluff: "if you really want Alex to know then go ahead. I think he'd be proud of me". Frank persuades a reluctant Peggy to go and visit Grant. Grant doesn't want to know. He tells Peggy "you can't ask me to forget everything and play happy families". Frank consoles Peggy: "Grant or no Grant, we're gonna start looking to the future". They plan an intimate night-in together. Nina complains to Grant she feels caught up between him and Terry. Phil suggests Grant should give Terry access. He tells him "I ain't no fan of Terry's but he's Courtney's family too. D'you think she'll thank you one day for cutting her off from her grandfather?". Terry is stunned when Grant tells him he can visit Courtney. Terry remarks how happy Simon will be: Grant reminds him "it's up to me who sees her. And until Simon grasps that fact I'd rather he stayed away". Simon watches them, stricken. In the Arches, Conor is distracted. He confesses his affair with Ruth to Phil. Phil suggests a simple solution: "go and find Ruth". Despite his misgivings, Conor decides to take Phil's advice. A disconsolate Simon tells Sarah about Terry's encounter with Grant. She suggests it could be good news about Courtney. Simon accompanies Sarah home. Terry is cagey until Irene blurts out "Grant's letting us have access from next week". Terry tells Simon about Grant's proviso. Simon storms out, devastated. Matthew starts drinking heavily. Cracking up, he begins to tell Jamie about Valentine's night at the club until Steve intrudes. Steve tells Jamie to go. Jamie stands his ground until Steve warns him ominously "didn't you hear me? I said I'll take care of him". Peggy readies herself in the bathroom whilst Frank prepares an intimate dinner for two. As Peggy smoothes perfume across her chest, her joy begins to fade. She inspects her breast and finds a lump. Her worst fear has come true: her cancer has returned.


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