Grant is troubled, still coming to terms with Tiffany's death. Nina urges him to scatter Tiffany's ashes "somewhere she was happy. Somewhere she'd like to be, now". In the Vic Barry blurts out that Peggy is with Frank. Enraged, Grant storms out. Taking the urn, Grant tells Nina he's going to Peacehaven. Nina urges him to take Peggy. Grant replies "not if she'd rather be with Frank Butcher. Her choice". There's a fracas in the Square as Terry confronts Grant on his way out of the Vic. Terry begs Grant to let him see Courtney. The row escalates until a desperate Terry takes Grant's bag from him. Terry provokes Grant, asking him "what have you got in here?" Grant tells him: "Tiffany". Nina fetches Peggy. Grant relents and they leave for Peacehaven. Terry watches them leave on Tiffany's last journey. He feels terrible. Elsewhere, Melanie rebuffs Steve's apologies. She doesn't want to know. Drunk and angry, Steve confronts Saskia. He tells her "you're going to do exactly what I tell you to do". Saskia turns the tables on Steve. She tells him "you could be talking to Melanie now, and yet here you are with me". Steve sleeps with Saskia. Next day, he immediately regrets it. Ominously, Saskia tells him "now I've got you, I'm never letting go". Ruth intrudes on Mark and Mary in the Market. Later, Ruth confronts Mary. Ruth asks her if she'll tell Mark about the pregnancy. Mary replies "I don't know", leaving Ruth to worry what might happen. Lisa is confused after Michael doesn't turn up to work. Michael is at home, patching things up with Susan. Lisa catches up with Michael. She asks him if he's told Susan about their affair. Michael replies "I didn't tell her, Lisa, because I'm not leaving her. I can't". Lisa is stricken. The atmosphere between Grant and Peggy is frosty as they travel to Peacehaven. They share a coffee in a roadside café. Grant's rage subsides as he tells Peggy how much he misses Tiffany. The two settle their differences. Silent and alone, Grant casts Tiffany's ashes to the wind. Almost unaware, he places the last of the ashes in his pocket. Emotion threatening to overwhelm him, Grant takes Courtney into his arms and leaves for Walford.


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