Den spends a frustrated morning trying to get Angie on her own to discuss Jan's ultimatum. Sensing his motive she thwarts him at every turn. Sharon announces she is leaving school early and won't be going back to do her A-levels. Kathy tells Den and Angie she won't be able to make dinners in the Vic any more now that she's got her new stall. Mary overhears Ali and Mehmet discussing their bet that Mehmet could pull Mary. She threatens Mehmet with revenge and later throws a brick through his car windscreen. Lofty asks Den if he can come back to work at the Vic. Mary offers Sharon her bedsit as rehearsal space for The Banned. When they become annoyed at Harry for starting to make decisions without them he threatens to take all his equipment and leave. Kelvin and Sharon cook up a scheme for her to go out with Harry just to keep him sweet until the contest. Simon organises a pub sing-a-long around the piano, and rounds it off with his song, Every Loser Wins, causing an awkward moment for Lofty and Michelle.


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