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Den spends a frustrated morning trying to get Angie on her own to discuss Jan's ultimatum. Sensing his motive she thwarts him at every turn. Sharon announces she is leaving school early and won't be going back to do her A-levels. Kathy tells Den and Angie she won't be able to make dinners in the Vic any more now that she's got her new stall. Mary overhears Ali and Mehmet discussing their bet that Mehmet could pull Mary. She threatens Mehmet with revenge and later throws a brick through his car windscreen. Lofty asks Den if he can come back to work at the Vic. Mary offers Sharon her bedsit as rehearsal space for The Banned. When they become annoyed at Harry for starting to make decisions without them he threatens to take all his equipment and leave. Kelvin and Sharon cook up a scheme for her to go out with Harry just to keep him sweet until the contest. Simon organises a pub sing-a-long around the piano, and rounds it off with his song, Every Loser Wins, causing an awkward moment for Lofty and Michelle.

Sharon remains adamant she is not going back to school to do her A-levels.

Lofty goes to visit Irene at the hospice. Pete gives him grapes to give to her and says he does not have to pay, but Lofty is insistent he does.

Pauline starts work cleaning at the Vic.

Irene tells Lofty that he needs to start thinking more about himself than he thinks of Michelle.

Mary walks in on Ali and Mehmet discussing their bet that Mehmet could sleep with Mary. She furiously confronts Mehmet and promises that she will get her own back.

Den reluctantly lets Simon play the piano in the Vic in the evening, while Lofty tells Den he will be returning to work in the evening.

Mary tells Sharon that she and the band can practice for the upcoming competition at her bedsit.

Angie meets psychiatrist, Mr Grant to discuss why she drinks. Angie tells Mr Grant that she drinks because of Den and Jan. She then tells Mr Grant how she perceives herself in the situation.

Mary deflates Mehmet's cab's tyres and then throws a brick through its windscreen.

Den visits Jan and tells her about Sharon refusing to go back to school. She feels he is making excuses.

Dot tells Pauline she has received a letter for the day she is due in court.

Mehmet is shocked to find the cab vandalised.

Kelvin asks Sharon to use Harry's attraction towards her to get what they want for the band.

Mehmet informs Ali of the state of the cab. Ali says they need to phone the police but Mehmet says they cannot as Guizin will find out what they have done.

Simon begins playing in the Vic as Lofty gets to work.

Angie tells Colin about a gay couple who used to be regular customers in the Vic.

Michelle and Pauline go to the Vic as Ian asks Simon to perform his song, "Every Loser Wins".

Mehmet tries apologising to Mary but has no success.

Lofty walks out when Simon starts playing his song. Michelle calls after him.


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  • The Queen Victoria - Public
  • 23B Albert Square
  • 45 Albert Square - Kitchen
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Launderette
  • Al's Café
  • Jan's flat - Living room
  • Unknown hospice
  • Unknown psychiatrist suite