It is the day of the inquest and Frank is late arriving. His nerves are showing. Grant testifies that Frank ran Tiffany down but conceded that the way Tiffany ran out in front of the car made it virtually impossible for Frank to stop. A fact which is repeated in Michael's testimony. When Frank takes the stand, he tells the court that he may have been tired and his reaction times weren't as quick as they could have been. Grant's rage builds, believing that Frank is admitting guilt. The Coroner tells Frank that he has no reason to feel guilty. "All the evidence I've heard today leads me to believe that this was no more than a sad and tragic accident, and I therefore record a verdict of accidental death". Frank asks Peggy for a cuddle and she obliges. Grant watches them, burning with a cold rage. Teresa returns from holiday in a jubilant mood to find Rosa rushed off her feet in Guiseppe's. Teresa is not keen to help her mother out but when she finds out that Bruno and Luisa are not returning from Italy she changes her mind. Ruth sees the new doctor, Dr Fonseca. She tells him that the baby is not Mark's, that she intends to keep it but she doesn't want the father to know about the pregnancy. She asks Fonseca to help to transfer to another health authority as she's leaving Walford. Michael continues to be nervous about his feelings for Lisa when he sees her talking to Susan. Teresa gives Ricky a giant pair of underpants as a present from Tenerife. She tells him that should jog his memory about what happened between them at New Year. What did really happen? Feeling as though Grant has got away with Tiffany's death, Simon tells Phil that "The Mitchells are going to get what's coming to them". Phil warns him not to "start something you can't finish".


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