Ricky feels terrible about having to let the cat out of the bag about Beppe and the letter. He's worried about Bianca's reaction. She tells him not to be daft - it wasn't his fault, it was a mistake. Beppe has an uncomfortable meeting with his superior, DI Bulford. Bulford puts it to him straight - did he have evidence that Tiffany Mitchell gave a false statement? Beppe, overcome with guilt, admits to the existence of the letter and says that he burnt it. He is suspended pending investigation. Grant is told about Tiffany's letter by his solicitor. He goes round to see Beppe and is furious to hear that Beppe has burnt the letter. "It was my one chance to clear my name" says Grant before punching him. Ricky tells Frank that Bianca can't go to the inquest but he'll be there for him. Frank surprises him, he'd rather Ricky didn't go. Mary goes round to Ruth's and asks if is she is pregnant. Ruth admits that she is but allows Mary to believe that the baby is Mark's. Susan comes back today and Michael is a bag of nerves after his kiss with Lisa last week. Later, Michael tries in vain to contact Lisa. Sarah spots Terry rummaging in Irene's belongings, including her savings book, and thinks he's up to no good. Terry tells her that he's planning a surprise. Sarah is suspicious and later tells Irene about the incident. When Irene asks Terry what he has been up to, he tells her that he's been speaking with the bank manager about getting a loan to expand the business. Irene is underwhelmed but tries to look enthusiastic, realising that this is Terry's version of making an effort. Is Terry telling the truth? Steve and Melanie obviously had a great evening last week - a fact noted, with irritation, by Ian. He piles an additional load of work onto Melanie, citing Louise's absence as the reason. Bianca tells Sonia that she can be Liam's godmother. Sonia is delighted.


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