Bianca thinks it's a blessing in disguise that Louise has gone, but feels bad when Ricky tells her how upset Simon is. Ricky is suspicious about what the letter contains and reads it behind Bianca's back. Frank confides in Bianca, he can't face Simon and things aren't going too well with Peggy either. But Frank is surprised when Simon tells him the only one he blames is Grant. Ricky challenges Bianca - she has to turn the letter over to the police. Tiffany wanted this. But will Bianca do it, and let Grant off the hook? Peggy tells a concerned Phil it's Grant she should be worrying about, not her. Grant is moved to hear Peggy reprimanding Dot for her gossip- her Grant is innocent. Irene's niece Nina isn't exactly a whizz behind the bar. Peggy is proud when Grant faces everyone to step into the breach. Irene's at the end of her tether with Terry shutting her out and having to cope alone in the shop. After Tony's warning he may lose Irene, Terry asks Irene to be patient with him. She agrees. Melanie apologises to Steve and they agree to another drink. Ian tries to hide his jealousy. Lilly over-hears Huw and Lenny planning a poker night, and asks if they'll teach her.


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