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Michelle and Lofty sit alone in their respective rooms - Michelle is plagued by a series of well-meaning visitors, Lofty plays the tape of Wicksy's song continually. Pete turns up at the community centre to film a video for The Banned, but Harry has sent Kelvin a note to say the rehearsal is cancelled. Kathy has made Pete a new jumper on her knitting machine and tells him of her idea to set up a stall on the market, but Pete's not too keen. Debbie puts her house up for sale. Tom wins first prize in the allotment competition using Arthur's leeks. Ethel slips on the stairs of the Queen Vic carrying an avocado pear in a vinaigrette sauce and breaks her hip. She is rushed to hospital in an ambulance and Dot agrees to look after Willy. When Kathy wants to cash-in her Christmas Club money to fund the jumper stall Arthur and Pauline begin to realise the extent of the trouble they are in, leading Pauline to pawn her ring.

Michelle sits alone in her bedroom while Lofty sits alone in his flat, playing "Every Loser Wins" on loop.

Arthur and Tom find the allotments trashed. Tom assumes Arthur destroyed his leeks out of jealousy, and vows to get his own back.

Ethel worries for Lofty and makes him breakfast. He says he is not hungry but she points out he is making himself ill by not eating.

Reverend Hodges visits Michelle to see how she is doing.

Ethel tells Lou that Lofty is not doing well since Michelle jilted him, while Lou defends Michelle's decision to not marry Lofty. Ethel then goes to the Vic, where Tony gives her an avocado to prepare for Lofty.

Kathy knits a jumper for Pete and then decides she wants to knit jumpers and sell them on the market.

Angie lets Ethel prepare the avocado upstairs in the Vic.

Dot notices Debbie has put her house up for sale. She asks Debbie how she has been doing since Andy's death, and offers God's guidance as support.

Ethel screams in pain after falling down the stairs at the Vic.

Reverend Hodges visits Lofty, who says he is not sure he believes in God since being jilted.

Den visits Jan and tells her that he is leaving Walford but does not know how or when to tell Angie.

Tom takes Arthur's leeks to the community centre for the local vegetable competition and wins.

Ethel is rushed off in an ambulance with a bone fracture. Willy is left in Dot's care.

Sue puts more money into the Christmas club fund, and asks Arthur how much money she has inputted since the start of the year.

Tom celebrates his win at the Vic and when Arthur arrives, he tells him he used his leeks. Arthur is thrilled.

Kathy visits Michelle and hugs her. Lou then sees Michelle and Michelle says she cannot face Lofty, but Lou says she needs to talk to him, even if it hurts the both of them.

Kathy asks Arthur for her Christmas Club money. He persuades her to only take half of the money back and delays giving her the money further by telling her it has to go through his security checks first. Once Kathy has gone, Pauline tells Arthur that she is going to pawn her eternity ring. Arthur is not happy about this, but Pauline says that she cannot see any other way out.


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  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public and hallway
  • 1C Albert Square
  • 45 Albert Square - Backroom and Michelle's bedroom
  • Launderette
  • Al's Café
  • Turpin Way
  • Walford Community Centre
  • Walford Allotments - Allotment
  • Jan's flat - Living room


  • Radio Times synopsis: 'Friends. They're the ones who laugh behind your back instead of in your face.'
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 21,300,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).