Rosa is advertising for a new waiter to replace Gianni. Simon has a bright idea and tries to persuade Tony to apply. He is not at all keen. Eventually Simon gets him to agree to an interview but, at the last minute, he stands Simon and Rosa up. Melanie tells Alex what she said to Jeff yesterday - he's not very impressed, especially as Jeff has disappeared. Beppe is worried about Tiff. He tries to ask Frank how she is without raising his suspicions. But when he tries to talk to Tiffany she avoids him. Ian calls Louise into a meeting about security - ignoring Melanie as she is not in his good books. As their meeting ends a customer in the shop seems very interested in what they have decided to do. Ricky and Bianca manage to sit down and discuss their problems. Ricky is sorry for working so hard and for talking to Tiff and Frank about his worries, but Bianca is so set on a home birth he didn't want to upset her. She tells him there's nothing to worry about and all she wants is Ricky's support. Although they agree, it's obvious from Ricky's face that he is still nervous about the whole thing. Mary has discovered that Martin lied about the geography field trip last week. But to his amazement she admits that she used to bunk off school too. But he's still grounded! Tiffany and Grant are getting on very well and decide to have a night in together - Frank says he'll cover for them. Dot and Lilly have an argument in the café about Jeff and where he could be - Lilly says Dot should mind her own business. Huw thinks they are arguing over a man! As Louise is shutting up Beales Market Beppe comes over to talk to her - they are watched by the mysterious customer!!!


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