As Roy comes screeching round the square, Frank pulls Pat out of the way, just in time. Peggy is still angry with them and wants to go home but Frank orders her to take Pat home and stay there until he comes back. He goes off in pursuit of Roy and Peggy leads a shaken Pat home. Pat thinks that Roy tried to run her over and Peggy puts her in the picture - they all know about the affair, Barry saw her coming out of Frank's flat. Peggy doesn't trust Pat and Frank together but Pat maintains that they're just friends. Peggy thinks Pat is still in love with Frank and is determined to get to the bottom of it. Pat asks Peggy to stay with her while they wait and as time goes on, they wonder what's happened to Roy, if Frank has found him and convinced him there is no affair. When Pat finds the note from Roy saying it's all over and she'll never see him again, Pat assumes that he's left her, a repeat performance of what happened with Frank. The police arrive and report that Roy's car has been abandoned in a multi-storey car park, after an incident where he crashed into the wall. The police tell Peggy that they found blood at the scene. Pat is now really worried and Peggy tries to keep her calm. When they start talking about Frank again, their conversation escalates into a row and Pat ends up telling Peggy that Frank will never love Peggy the way he loves her. Peggy and Pat slap each other round the face, then stand there stunned as the doorbell rings.


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