Mary is back on her feet but Phil is finding the presence of his houseguest more than a little annoying. He ends up having to tell Conor that this arrangement can't go on - Mary will have to find somewhere else to live. Ian comes back from his holiday to bad news from Kathy. She can't face coming back to Walford for Christmas - she doesn't want to face Phil after the way he behaved in South Africa. She's also asked Ian to buy her out of the café - he and Phil are partners! He's furious with Phil. Pat is almost as annoyed, as Phil is that Ian is her new boss. She reads Ian the riot act but he tells her that his overriding concern at the moment is the fact he's missing his mum. Pat feels sorry for him. Ruth is puzzled why Mark is being so distant. Huw tells her he's moving on and so should she. He asks her to the cinema to cheer her up. Sarah tells Terry that the solution to the family's money worries is to hire Tony in the First 'til Last. Then he can help pay his way. Terry dismisses this at first but then thinks about it - this could make sense. Phil unburdens himself about Kathy to Louise - she reveals how hard it was to move on from Terry. Grant is uncomfortable at their growing friendship and throws a spanner in the works to stop them going out for a meal. Grant is horrified when Phil admits that he fancies Louise and that he thinks she feels the same way!!


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