Polly rushes for the morning papers and is overjoyed to find her article about Sanjay and Gita printed in a national tabloid. As news of this spreads around the Square, Sanjay is devastated to find out what Polly has done. Mark advises him to get to Gita before she finds out from someone else. Mick decides to throw a housewarming party for Josie and Kim and tells Lenny to do something about Teresa - it's over between her and Tony. Lenny is torn and ends up guiltily inviting Tony - something Teresa's not too happy about. Pat, having been told by Frank about Bianca's pregnancy, advises Bianca to have a scan. Bianca is extremely resentful feeling Pat is interfering. Ian goes on holiday leaving Louise to manage both the builders and questions from those on the Market worried about a possible effect on their trade. Gita is doorstepped by journalists but Sanjay sees red. He cannot be held back from attacking them. The journalists have a field day.


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