Teresa, Lenny, Josie and Kim go to the Notting Hill Carnival. Later, Kim tells Teresa that Mick is her brother but it's a secret. Teresa is confused. Lenny has been reinstated at the market cellar by George and Annie is apologetic when she sees him and tells him that she shouldn't have treated him as she did. The two make peace. Tiffany has established a timetable of visiting times for Grant to see Courtney. Grant makes the first of these today and tells Peggy that he is not bringing Courtney back to the Vic as he wants to spend some time just the two of them. Peggy worries that she will lose touch with her granddaughter. At Louise's flat, Grant and Louise share an uncomfortable moment as Tiff busies herself getting Courtney ready for Grant to take out. Peggy has been in a rotten mood ever since Frank cancelled the date last week. When Grant asks her for some help with his wine bar application she reaches the end of her tether. Upset, she rushes out of the Vic bumping into Frank. They go back to Frank's flat and talk about Frank's reasons for leaving. Frank tells Peggy that Pat is history and it is her that he wants now. They kiss passionately. Phil and Peggy receive paintings from Ben. Phil laments how he hasn't seen Ben for a long time and is concerned that Ben will forget him. Roy has an interesting offer from an old friend to manage holiday cottages in Cornwall. He is all fired up about the idea but Pat will take some convincing. Frank spends much of the day discussing his plans to return to Manchester, admitting to Pat that he feels like a failure. Ricky is upset that Frank is running out on him again.


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