Simon is trying to sort out the boating holiday when Mark whisks Sanjay away from his stall. He tells him that he has some news about Gita. Mark has discovered that Ruth is on a mysterious trip and realises that she is on her way to Gita. He and Sanjay catch up with her at the tube station - Sanjay is frantic and Ruth tells them that Gita is in some sort of trouble. Mark and Sanjay insist that they travel with Ruth. Neelam is annoyed and worried at Sanjay's sudden disappearance. Pauline suggests that it may not be for a bad reason, maybe there will be some good news. After some suggestion from Jeff, Pauline decides to organise a Barbecue in the square for the allotment campaign. Peggy thinks it's a good idea and Teresa says she is always ready for a party. Ruth, Mark and Sanjay arrive in Birmingham and go to the Bed and Breakfast address that Ruth has been given. The others wait while Ruth speaks to the landlady. At first the landlady is very unhelpful but finally tells them all that Gita had been taken to hospital last night by ambulance. They arrive at a hospital and Sanjay is desperately questioning the receptionist. Sanjay becomes very worked up and Gita suddenly appears with Sharmilla and a tiny baby in her arms.


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