Pat and Roy come out of the Louvre museum. Roy is enjoying himself it, but Pat remarks that the Louvre Pyramid looks like a greenhouse. Pat is getting tired of Roy's quick stop tours, she remarked even Hitler didn't past through Paris this quickly! and asks Roy to slow the tour down. Barry admits to Robbie there are only two tickets, and he has chosen him to have the other. In the bar Robbie has told Huw and Lenny about the tickets and everyone is annoyed at Barry, Lenny suggests they draw lots to see who will get a ticket.

Roy is giving Pat a tour of Notre Dame, but Pat's is still having difficulties keeping up. Roy then walks past the Eiffel Tower without uttering a word. Roy explains that Les Invalides houses the remains of Napoleon Bonaparte, he then points out a statue of "The Thinker" by Rodin but doesn't say anything to Pat.

In the hotel room Roy says dinner will be in an hour and suggest they should change clothes. In the bar Charlie arrives to give the tickets to Barry, the lads draw straws and Huw and Lenny draw the longest straws and win the tickets. As they come out of the bar they see their van being stolen and being driving off into the distance. With nowhere to sleep they go to Hotel Madison and knock on Roy and Pats hotel room door. Roy's opens the door horrified to see Barry, Robbie, Huw and Lenny.


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