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Romance is in the air as Roy takes Pat for a weekend in Paris, however, Barry and the lads have other ideas.

Roy and Pat travel from Waterloo International railway station via the Eurostar. Meanwhile in France travelling in a rented van Barry, Robbie, Huw and Lenny are lost. Robbie is drinking alcohol in the back and can't help with any of the directions. The lads need to reach Paris by 9.30pm to pick up the tickets from Charlie, who is selling Barry the World Cup tickets.

On the Eurostar Pat is becoming annoyed that football fans are singing football chants but Roy says remarks that there bound to be loads of football fans in Paris as it's the World Cup and that they can still have a nice time. At this point the van has stopped working and the lads push it onto a side road. Lenny decides to go into a local bar and talk to the waitress Karen in French, but she laughs and talks in English. Pat and Roy walk down a street as they couldn't get a taxi, Roy sees a van with Barry hanging out of it and rushes Pat into Hotel Madison only narrowly escaping Pat seeing Barry. When Pat and Roy find their room Pat drops on top of the bed, whilst Roy moans about the room size and the view from their windows. But Pat does not care and tells Roy to leave it.

In a bar its 9.50pm, 20 minutes later that they should have been, with Barry thinking they are too late. But Charlie shouts over to them that he had nearly given up on them. Barry asks Charlie if he has the four tickets but Charlie replies that Barry only asked for two and that Barry can collect them tomorrow.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Lad 1 - Matthew Devere
  • Lad 2 - Oliver Young
  • Charlie - Francois Brunet
  • Karen - Paula Jane Ulrich (credited as "Waitress")



  • The first of the World Cup special episodes was broadcast on Friday 10th July at 8pm.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 9,820,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).