Mick is nervous about the opening night of his new venture at the Night Café. Lola arrives and tells him that she is leaving the band - she has found an agent. Grant is jealous when he sees Tiffany and Beppe chatting at the Vic. He takes Tiffany away from behind the bar and confronts her. Phil tries to talk to Grant who is thinking of going to Scotland to see Nigel - Phil asks him if he thinks Tiffany would still be there when he gets back. Lola returns to the café and tells Mick that she has been given a contract. Mick is not pleased for her - he tells her not to bother ringing him. Louise has been busy all day redecorating Ruth's living room with bits and pieces. Ruth is delighted with the result and Louise says she will take her to the night café. Grant tells Tiffany that he has booked flights for them all to go to Scotland and visit Nigel for the week after next. Tiffany tells him that is when she does her massage course. She has already paid £850. Grant asks her to cancel it but she refuses. Louise livens up the Night Café by dancing. Grant comes to see Tiffany and gets in the way of Jimmy. Grant pushes Jimmy who lands on a table and general pandemonium breaks out. The music is turned off by Pat who has just returned from holiday wondering what Mick's doing. Grant tries to talk to Tiffany outside. Tiffany says that she is going on her massage course but Louise comes out and intervenes. Grant is left standing outside as Tiffany and Louise return to the café..


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