Terry has spent last night on the sofa. It is Irene's birthday but she isn't in the mood for it and hasn't gone to work. Terry finds Simon and accuses him of telling Sarah "stories", splitting up him and Irene. Simon tells him that perhaps Irene has finally come to her senses. Terry has a drinking session in the Vic. He asks Grant if he has ever done anything to someone close to him and regretted it. Grant won't answer but tell him he's sad and pathetic! Irene visits Susan and confides her problems to her. Irene realises that it must have been Louise who told Sarah about Terry. Susan urges Irene to ask Terry himself if she wants to know the truth. Terry later passes out in the Vic and Grant takes him upstairs. Irene asks Tiffany if it was true that Terry had pushed her down the stairs when she was pregnant. Tiffany's silence says it all. Alex is telling Irene how great Sarah's work at Bridge House is when it becomes apparent Irene didn't know about it. Alex is shocked and Irene tells him that Sarah was just like the rest of her family - a liar! Louise sees Ruth's advert for a lodger and goes round to see the house. She tells Ruth that she is very interested. Terry arrives home with flowers for Irene. He tries to explain himself but Irene has already made her decision. She tells him he can stay on the condition he stops drinking. If he ever touches drink again it will be the end of their relationship.


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