Roy still hasn't turned up. Tony and Teresa have been putting up posters about the Di Marco's missing cat and Barry gave Robbie some advice - On interview technique!

Tiffany told Bianca that she is going to give Grant one more chance to make their marriage work - But this time on her terms. Louise has decided to stay in Walford for a while and went for a job interview. She watched, unseen, as Terry and Irene walked down Bridge Street.

Phil found Grant and told him what happened to Annie and also to look after Tiffany and Courtney. Phil also mentioned that Gianni and Beppe had been hanging around Tiffany lately. Pat was relieved when Roy finally turned up at the Café, his test results were all clear, but he didn't seem please to see Pat.

Tony found Bella the cat on the restaurant roof and presented her to a very grateful Luisa. He is offered a drink and with the exception of Beppe the family think that Tony is a hero.


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