Roy slept on the sofa and Pat had a hangover. Barry asked Roy to sort out a car for Meakin - Roy told him to deal with it himself. Barry remembered that Roy had to collect his test results today, Roy said it hardly seemed to matter.

Grant returned to Walford via the Italian restaurant where he met Louise, and then the café. He finally returned to Tiffany and Courtney at the Vic. Tiffany told Grant that he couldn't expect her to welcome him with open arms. Grant told Tiffany that he had come back to be with her. They agreed to sleep separately for a while.

Simon told Louise she could stay with him. Chris wanted to know for how long; Simon felt he had to be there for her at the moment. Grant found out about Courtney and Phil's ordeal. He immediately blamed Phil but Peggy stopped him from going to see Phil.

Pat has been frantic about Roy, he seemed to have disappeared. Barry told her about the hospital appointment.But Roy has still not returned home.


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