Terry received a letter this morning from Louise's solicitor and rang his old friend Ollie and arranged to meet him later. He told Irene that he has to meet a friend at lunch time who is emigrating. Ruth invited Mark round for lunch and apologised for snapping at him the other night. They talked about splitting the mortgage payments but argued over the messy house Ruth had been keeping.

Irene went to spy on Terry at the Vic and found out from Tiffany that Ollie is a solicitor. Roy told Barry that he had a twinge of pain the other day but that he is going to see a private doctor - Roy told Barry not to tell Pat.

Sarah told Irene that she is no longer seeing Matthew, she couldn't tell her before because Irene seemed so wrapped up in Terry. Irene told her that Sarah is far more important than Terry will ever be.

Irene questioned Terry over whether he has been keeping anything from her. He showed her the letter. But told her there was nothing to worry about as Louise can't touch them.


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