Polly went to the hospital to see Annie to get a quote for the paper and enjoyed seeing Annie so helpless. Annie tried to throw a bunch of grapes at her but they only landed on the floor.

While Robbie was out, Mr Meakin, the area manager, arrived. Barry ingratiated himself with him. When Robbie returned, Mr Meakin presented him with the 'Shop of the Month' certificate and his first acting pay cheque. Mr Meakin told Robbie that a permanent position is available and that he should apply along with other candidates.

Michael and Matthew collected Susan from the hospital. Susan told them that although she will still only have occasional relapses there is the possibility that her illness could develop into the progressive kind. At home Michael didn't know which bedroom to put Susan's things into.

Roy told Pat that he has managed to raise the finance for his business venture and he was celebrating when Frank arrived. Peggy insisted that everyone toast Frank who saved the day on Tuesday against the villains. Peggy invited Frank out to dinner to say thank you.

Tony and Teresa were sneaking into Tony's house to watch a romantic video when Irene and Terry arrived back from their honeymoon in high spirits and bearing champagne.

Roy discovered that his new deal was off, he looked unwell as Pat came by with a new dress she had bought. Roy told her to take it straight back, he has failed again and he returned to the portacabin evidently with some pain in his chest.

Phil visited Annie in hospital. She told him that she only ever wanted to be like her Dad, but where was he now?


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