Ricky has spent the weekend at Phil's and refused to talk to Bianca. Frank tried to question Bianca but she wouldn't tell him what has been going on. Peggy let Louise wait for Tiffany and cooed over her grand-daughter Courtney. Tiffany was not pleased to find her mother at the Vic and Louise tried to explain to Tiffany how sorry she was to have upset her.

Bianca told Tiffany that she thinks Ricky has left her. Bianca explained about Lenny and the Hepatitis B problem. Tiffany was sure that if she went to talk to Ricky she could sort it out for Bianca. Robbie got the wrong impression that Michael was going to buy everyone a drink at lunch-time to celebrate Matthew and Sarah's engagement. When Michael didn't show a darts match was held - the loser had to buy the drinks - Roy.

Matthew finally managed to talk to Sarah but she just returned his ring. Tony and Theresa overheard their conversation and Teresa discovered the part Gianni has played in this. She marched into the restaurant where Michael and Susan were having a quiet meal and tipped food over Gianni and drink over Beppe.

Frank tried to persuade Ricky to talk to Bianca and Tiffany joined in. They follow Ricky to his flat and saw Lenny giving Bianca a friendly kiss.


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