Terry's pal Larry arrived and tried to persuade Tony to organise a stag night in Soho. Lenny found out from Mick that Lola was trying to be friendly and that not every girl he meets wants to sleep with him. A strange woman has been looking for Lenny, she told Huw she would come back later. There were workmen in the Vic sorting out the leaks. Peggy was still upset over Grant, and Phil was shocked to discover that Grant hit his mother. Tiffany overheard them talking about her marriage. Peggy said that Grant should have tried harder. It was Nigel's last day in Albert Square. He visited Dot who reluctantly let him in. They talked about the past and of the baby Dot had aborted. Nigel asked Dot to come to Scotland. She refused. Nigel, depressed, wandered around the square with his plate of sandwiches to go with his farewell drink but everyone seemed too busy. Back at his flat for the last time he collected Julie, Josh, Claire and Sonia and went to the Vic for a quick drink. SURPRISE! Everyone from the Square was there and had threw Nigel a farewell party, they all reminisced about Nigel's being in the Square, before Nigel, Julie, Josh and Claire headed off in the moonlight for Scotland.


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Important Dialogue

Peggy Mitchell (about Grant Mitchell and his marriage to Tiffany): "He should try harder."
Phil Mitchell: "Maybe he doesn't want to."

Dot Cotton: "We've always been there for each other Nigel but now it's time to let go."

April 1998
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