Dot has Nick staying with her. Clare calls but Dot won't let her call round. Nigel and Clare knock on the door but Dot still won't let them in. Mark still won't tell Pauline what has happened. Pauline tries Ruth but no luck. Ruth tells Mark what has happened with Conor. Mark is unimpressed by Ruth's rejection and calls round later to collect his things. Roy finds Barry in a drunken state. Robbie is keeping fit and Barry is keeping a bottle. Ian agrees to sell his 1/3 share of the restaurant to George, who warns him off Annie. Annie finds out from Polly that Ian has stepped down from the elections. George won't talk to Annie, but tells Peggy he is off to New Zealand indefinitely. Grant and Tiffany have another row. Tiffany is still blaming Sharon. Grant grabs Tiffany but Peggy intervenes. Grant and Peggy talk about George and what happened on Boxing Day. Peggy already knows all about it, Grant loses control and slaps Peggy. Tiffany watches helpless. Peggy finishes up by saying to Grant: "Get out!"


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Peggy Mitchell (to Grant Mitchell): "It's not surprising Sharon left you, I wouldn't blame Tiffany if she went as well. I'm surprised she's stuck it so long with you as that child's father."

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