Robbie agrees to walk a dog in his capacity as volunteer at the dog shelter. The di Marco daughters appear in the square and Robbie fancies one of them .He offers to arrange a party for them to meet the locals and arranges Huw and Lenny as DJs and makes a collection for the drink. Nicole turns up again to see Jessie and Ruth and Mark are still in disagreement about her visits. Ominously, Alex is told the bishop is coming to see him. Sanjay goes to Sheffield in a forlorn search for information about Gita. Kathy and Alex are still moping around not deciding what they want, but at least Phil decides that he probably doesn't want Kathy back after all. The party creates a stir, and Grant comes to complain about the noise. Beppe also turns up and defends his sister. They have a silly little macho confrontation, and Grant for once doesn't get it all his own way! Michael invites Susan and Matthew round for a meal and tells them about the Jackson's old house being available soon. His suggestion is to move them all in as a family so that Susan will have a ground floor place to live if/when she ends up in a wheelchair. Surprisingly, Susan isn't totally averse to the idea and her usual bitchy self to him when he puts the idea forward. Susan has also been around the square so much recently that she's seen Irene again and realises that she's not living as a single person as she stated on her DSS forms, but has Terry there too, and he's clearly working in the Vic.


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