Kathy stops kissing Alex when she hears the noise, and they move apart just in time as Peggy and George come in bearing gifts. Kathy leaves hastily, and guiltily, but Peggy doesn't seem to suspect. Grant goes to Phil's and gets drunk and complains about Tiffany's behaviour. Phil looks bored as he's totally sober and gives advice which falls on deaf ears. Bailiffs turn up at Pat's and Frank happens to arrive as they're threatening to take away her household contents for a £1,000 business rates bill for Deals on Wheels. Frank insists on paying, and hands over a cheque immediately. Pat argues but he insists, and she finds it hard to refuse as there's no other way she can raise the money in 3 days. Peggy has arranged a forfeit party for the Vic, and everyone who arrives gets their name put into a hat and is liable to be pulled out to perform some entertaining turn or other nonsense for the reward of a free drink. Mary's not happy as she has to work yet again, and Ian won't let her go to the Vic for the Boxing Day party, because he's going himself. Conor sees him there and tells him that he thinks Ian's taking advantage of Mary, so he's just giving him a gentle reminder that she isn't a slave. There are various songs and impressions and jokes performed, and the traditional yard of ale drinking is one of the forfeits, with songs from Ricky and Michael, a terrible forfeit from Dot who totally misses the point and tells a joke along the lines of what chiropodists have for breakfast, choosing "Weetabix" as the punchline instead of "cornflakes." Tiffany chats to Conor, Huw and Lenny, which doesn't please Grant. The party gets to a riotous stage when Tiffany goes upstairs to check on Courtney. Grant follows her menacingly to tell her to behave like a wife instead of a tart. She isn't cowed and the argument gets extremely bitter, before Grant clearly loses it and Tiffany backs away realising she has gone too far and she is suddenly afraid that Grant will harm her. She locks the door, and Grant shouts at her to open it before taking a run and kicking it down.


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