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Tony and Hannah consider sending Cassie to boarding school. Arthur confronts the Carpenters, telling them to sort out their own problems instead of blaming others as Cassie is also a bully. Arthur thinks Tony will never employ him again. A youth attempts to mug Arthur but Andy stops it and the youth is arrested. Andy is hailed a hero. Colin tells Tony he wants the flat but Hannah says Naima should put in an offer first. Sharon tells Michelle they are drifting apart but Michelle says they will always be friends. Michelle walks out when Lofty wants to discuss contraception for when they are married. Mehmet gives Mary a necklace and they kiss. Simon warns Mary that Mehmet is using her. Kathy and Pete's passports have expired, putting their holiday in jeopardy. Lou is worried about Dot's health.

|} Lou tells Arthur to stop letting the Carpenter family intimidate him. He heads over to their flat, where Tony and Hannah are preparing for a meeting with Cassie's principal, and tells the pair of them to sort their problems out instead of blaming others. He also calls Cassie a bully, and then goes home with certainty he will never be employed by Tony again.

Pete ensures Arthur is still happy to take charge of the market stall whilst him and Kathy are on holiday. Arthur says he is more than happy to, but he gets annoyed when Pete tells him to report any issues to Ian as he is more familiar with the stall than Arthur is.

Hannah visits Angie and confides in her about her problems. She tells Angie that she is thinking of moving Cassie to a private school. Sharon says that some private schools have a worse drug problem than public schools.

Michelle and Mary talk about men in the café, and Michelle confesses to Mary that she got involved with an older man, but does not disclose his identity.

WPC Howard returns to see Ali and Mehmet regarding Ozcabs and the taxi drivers they have hired.

Naima admits to Debbie she has been buying stock from another shopkeeper for £20, to prove to the wholesalers that she is capable of selling stock. Hannah informs Naima of Colin's interest in buying flat 3A, and suggests she makes an offer. Naima says she wants to, but her father will not give her a loan as he does not agree with her living above West Indians.

Colin tries to lower the asking price of the flat by £1500.

Pauline is determined to ensure that Michelle gets the big wedding day she has set her heart on.

Angie and Den look after Vicki while Michelle watches Sharon and the rest of the band practice for their first official gig.

Arthur is attacked by youths who want his money. Andy catches them pinning Arthur against a container and puts them under citizen arrest until WPC Howard arrives. Ethel tells Lou about Andy's heroic actions, while Lou tells Ethel she is worried about Dot's health.

Lofty tries to talk to Michelle about contraception after they have married, but she walks off. |}


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  • The Queen Victoria - Public and upstairs flat
  • 3A Albert Square - Living room
  • 3B Albert Square - Kitchen and living room
  • 45 Albert Square - Backroom
  • Bridge Street Market
  • First Til Last
  • Al's Café
  • Walford Allotments - Allotment


  • Radio Times synopsis: '...you'd never be daft enough to get involved with a married man, would you?'
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,850,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).