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Pauline and Lofty talk about the events with Cassie and Pauline is furious with Mark and Owen. Hannah tries to reason with Naima on what to do with Cassie, Pauline bumps into them and tries to apologize to Hannah, Hannah takes no notice and is a total snob about the situation. Arthur calculates how much the wedding is going to cost and it is way out of his limit, Michelle tells him that they can't afford it and that's it. Mary flirts with Mehmet. Arthur and Hannah have a row in the café but Sue soon puts them both right. Den, Ali, Arthur, Mehmet and Mustapha have a game of poker in the Vic. Arthur ends up scolding Mehmet for his behaviour with Mary when he has a wife and three kids. Arthur loses the game of poker and loses more money.

Lofty asks Pauline if Michelle gets seasick, but will not tell her the reason why he is asking.

Hannah tells Naima that Albert Square is not where she wants her kids brought up.

Pauline walks into the shop and tries apologising to Hannah, but Hannah refuses it.

Den accepts Lofty's request of a loan and Lofty is thrilled.

Arthur works out they are £1000 short for Lofty and Michelle's wedding. Michelle tells Arthur she will not get married in a church and instead wants a wedding in a registry office, but Arthur tells her that is not happening, so she calls the wedding off.

Tony prepares the top flat for its first viewing.

Arthur tells Pauline that Michelle has called the wedding off and she cries.

Mustapha rings Mehmet and asks him if he and Ali would like to gamble in the evening. They want to, but do not know where to hold the event. Arthur visits the café and overhears Ali and Mehmet discussing the gambling. Mary also visits the café and Mehmet flirts with her. Arthur is unimpressed.

Colin Russell, a graphic designer, views Tony's top flat and is interested in buying it.

Arthur asks Mehmet if he can get involved in the gambling - Mehmet says he may if Pete cannot make it. Pete cannot, so Arthur is in. Hannah walks into the café and Arthur and Hannah confront each other. Sue breaks their argument up.

Ali tries to encourage Tony to get involved in the gambling so he can host it at his flat, but when Tony learns Arthur will also be present at the gambling session he refuses to attend. Ali asks Den if he can hold the gambling session at the Vic, and Den allows it.

Mary returns to the café after it has closed because Annie has lost her toy. Mehmet pretends he cannot find it, but Sue tells him she saw him pick it up, and tells him she knows he was hoping to be in the café alone when she called so he could spend time with her alone.

Lofty tells Den that the wedding is cancelled so he does not need his loan. Instead, Lofty asks Den for a pay rise, to which Den agrees to.

The gambling gets underway and Arthur loses money. He tells Mehmet he disagrees with him talking to Mary whilst he is married to Guizin, before walking home. When he gets back, he tells Michelle he was drinking. Michelle sees he has cash on him and Arthur confesses he was gambling with the money for Michelle's wedding. She calls him a berk.


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  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public, hallway and toilets
  • 3A Albert Square - Living room
  • 3B Albert Square - Living room
  • 45 Albert Square - Kitchen and backroom
  • First Til Last
  • Al's Café