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Cassie is bullying again and she accuses Hannah of not caring about her and just thinking about money. Kelvin tells Hannah she has spoilt Cassie recently and he will talk to her. Pete books a holiday but Ian says the band need him so Simon convinces Kathy to let Ian stay behind. Naima is fed up of living with Debbie and Andy, who constantly annoy her. Kathy worries that Doctor Legg is forgetting things due to being overworked. Dot guesses that Sue had a phantom pregnancy but when she tries to offer support. Sue tells her to get out and cries. Arthur tells Pauline he had a "crazy" thought she might be having an affair but knows she would never do it. Pauline is angry at Arthur's assumptions. Mehmet tells Mary he needs conversation that he does not get from his wife, so she asks what his wife needs.

Den notices something is wrong with Roly.

Cassie is caught hiding a letter from her mother. Hannah asks for the letter and when she eventually gets it, she learns Cassie has been bullying more girls at school.

Pete has booked the family holiday and is furious when Ian tells him that he will not be able to go because the band need him. Pete vents to Kathy in the Vic about Ian not going on holiday with them.

Hannah visits Naima and asks her if she will go to lunch with her.

Ethel continues to go on about the mysterious caller, annoying Den.

Den offers to save Kathy time from sewing Michelle's wedding dress and Sharon's bridesmaid dress by letting him buy them. Kathy says he should leave it to Michelle to decide what she wants to do.

Ali and Mehmet are thrilled when Lofty returns their cab car all fixed.

Pauline tells Arthur that she is going to the park to draw. He gets suspicious.

Hannah confides in Naima about her and Tony's relationship, admitting that if Cassie had not caused the drama she has, she was going to walk out on Tony again.

Pete makes Arthur see sense about Pauline and her commitment to their relationship.

Cassie will not listen to Hannah so she is sent to her room. Kelvin offers to talk to Cassie and help her see sense.

Naima gets increasingly annoyed at having to put up with Andy and Debbie all the time. Debbie makes a cruel remark about Naima being single and tells her she wants her rented room back.

Dot tells Ethel that she knows Sue has had a phantom pregnancy, and is going to talk to her about it. Dot visits Sue and tells her that she knows what has been going on. Sue breaks down and hides after telling Dot to get out the café.



  • The Queen Victoria - Public and hallway
  • 3B Albert Square - Kitchen and living room
  • 43 Albert Square - Kitchen and backroom
  • 45 Albert Square - Kitchen and backroom
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Foodstore
  • Al's Café