Phil is late home from his "meeting" and he tells Kathy he's going again today to do a job on a car for one of the blokes there. He gets a cab to Lorna's and she isn't very welcoming. Then a child shouts Mummy, and Lorna says it's one of the very rare times she's allowed to see them, so it's not a good time. Phil says he'll go but arranges to return tomorrow. Sarah writes to her mother about Ted taking her to Dubai, although Tony discourages her, saying that she just left them and never bothered to get in touch, and doesn't Sarah remember how often she cried about that. Simon suggests that he and Tony move into Ted's house to look after Sarah there. He thinks maybe, Ted will allow her to stay if she has someone to keep an eye on her. Tony isn't optimistic but agrees to ask. Sarah discusses it with Joe and he says she should try to find her mother because there's nothing worse than not knowing, and he's never regretted coming here to look for his father. Lorraine appears and tells Joe to disappear for a while because she wants to talk to Sarah. They, with Nigel, arrange Joe's birthday party, which is to be a sad little affair with the four of them in the café. Peggy gets her results, which are clear, and goes off to Spain alone, telling George that she wants some time to themselves for her and Sam. Sanjay's mother has got the shop, so he and Gita decide to postpone another attempt at IVF because they won't have the money available. Tony and Ted have a chat about Sarah. Tony tries to argue that Sarah is adult, and what could possibly happen to her? Ted says that she could get knocked up and on drugs or something, and when Tony puts forward Simon's suggestion, Ted shouts that he wants her looked after, not shacked up with a couple of queers and they might drag her down to their level. Tony is a bit miffed and says that he knew Ted's supposed liberal attitude was only a front and thanks for telling him what he really thinks of him, and he's glad Ted's going to Dubai as he can now be shot of him at last.


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