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Ethel answers the phone in the Vic to a man asking if Michelle had her baby yet, leaving people wondering who it was, especially Den and Arthur. Mehmet has no alibi for when Doctor Legg's car was taken and admits to Ali he was with a friend who is an illegal immigrant and does not want his name mentioned. Sue gets upset when Naima and Hannah both talk about her being pregnant and has to go home where she cries to Ali that she cannot tell anyone what happened. Den takes Doctor Legg to collect his car, which has been found, but when they get there, it has no wheels! Kathy wants to take a family holiday but Ian tells his band mates he will not go if they need him. The band contemplate what kind of music to play. Cassie steals Pauline's fruit for her still life practice.

Debbie finds rat droppings in the shop and is horrified. She plants a trap to catch it. Ian assists at the shop as part of his trial shift.

Ethel answers the phone in the Vic whilst she is hoovering. A man is asking if Michelle has had her baby yet.

WPC Howard visits Ali and Mehmet and informs them an Ozcabs business card was found in Doctor Legg's car. Ali and Mehmet deny stealing the car and get defensive over the situation.

Naima visits the café and tells Sue she looks exhausted. Sue says she is and Naima tells her to look after herself now she is expecting another baby. Sue immediately withdraws herself from the conversation and goes home.

Hannah tells Naima that Tony has had to fly out to Trinidad as his grandmother has died.

Ethel asks Debbie to cash her cheque for her, telling Debbie that she wants to use the £50 to buy Lofty and Michelle a wedding present. She then tells Debbie about the mysterious phone call.

Ali takes WPC Howard outside where Lofty is attempting to fix Ali's motor. He tells Ali in front of WPC Howard that he might want to consider buying a new car as he is not sure the car is fixable. Ali is displeased at Lofty for divulging such information in front of WPC Howard, as it gives him a motive for stealing Doctor Legg's car.

Pauline shows Arthur a plate of fruit she is going to paint at her creative expression class in the evening. She leaves it on the side in the launderette whilst she is working.

Ali tries to cheer Sue up, unaware of the real reason behind her upset.

Dot and Ethel keep the café running whilst Ali is away. They gossip about the phone call.

Kathy winds Arthur up by telling him Pauline may well fancy the art teacher.

Roly gives Den the run around in the Square.

Mehmet admits to Ali that he has no alibi for when Dr. Legg's car was stolen because he was with an illegal immigrant at the time of the incident but will not disclose the immigrant's name because the police will deport him.

Arthur gets hold of Pauline's sketchbook but does not get a glimpse of what is inside. The pair spend time together home alone.

Sue cries and tells Ali that she cannot tell anyone what has happened as she fears what the local residents will think of her. Ali suggests telling everyone she had a miscarriage but she does not want this.

Den and Doctor Legg arrive at the location to collect Doctor Legg's car to find the wheels have been removed.


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  • Radio Times synopsis: 'I reckon someone thought they'd nick it to put in a museum.'
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,300,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).