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Ian offers to make Lofty and Michelle's wedding cake for free and asks Naima for a part-time job in the shop. Lofty asks Simon to be his best man and Michelle asks Sharon to be her bridesmaid. Doctor Legg tells DS Quick he left a window open allowing the burglars in and they took drugs including diamorphine. Kelvin brings Tessa for dinner but Hannah does not approve of her. Michelle tells Kelvin he and Tessa have nothing in common. Kathy and Pauline decide to take creative expression classes, for which Pete mocks them. The band agree to vote on whether Eddie should be allowed to join. Mehmet asks Mary out for a drink and she insists to Michelle it is just as friends.

Mehmet instantly falls for Mary after seeing her on Bridge Street.

Hannah cleans the kitchen in preparation for Tessa's visit. She tells Kelvin to be extra careful in his relationship with Tessa as if she gets pregnant it will quickly become Square gossip.

DS Quick investigates the burglary at the surgery. Doctor Legg admits he left the consultation room window open. Doctor Legg looks in the drugs room and discovers diamorphine - heroine - has been stolen. DS Quick tells Doctor Legg that he knows who to blame when the teenagers of the Square become drug addicts! DS Quick makes Doctor Legg feel down about the incident.

Ian hears Pauline telling Kathy that she needs a wedding cake, so he offers to make one for free.

Mehmet finds Mary at the launderette and flirts with her. Ali calls him away and he and Mehmet bet on whether Mehmet can successfully chat up Mary or not. Mehmet returns to the launderette with a drink for Annie. Mehmet meets Mary outside the launderette and continues to flirt with her.

The band agree that Eddie should join them.

Lofty asks Simon to be his best man at the wedding, while Michelle asks Sharon to be her chief bridesmaid.

Tony fits new locks for Doctor Legg and tells him that he is beating himself up for not being more careful, but Tony tells him not to be so hard on himself.

Tessa visits the Carpenter's flat. Hannah dislikes Tessa and makes her feel uncomfortable, so she leaves. Kelvin tries to cheer her up outside, but is unsuccessful, and she walks off.

Ian asks Naima for a part-time job at the Foodstore. She offers him a trial shift.

Michelle talks with Mary, and asks her if she felt old after having Annie. Following their talk, Mary goes to the Vic and has a drink with Mehmet.

Lofty apologises to Michelle for not being able to give his £50 savings towards their wedding. She kisses him and reassures him everything will be okay. He calls her Mrs Holloway.

Mehmet flirts with Mary in the Vic and she decides to go home after getting tipsy. Before she can leave, Mehmet gropes her and refuses to stop, so she knees him in the groin in front of the pub crowd.


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  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public and hallway
  • Walford Surgery - Consultation room, drugs room and hallway
  • 3B Albert Square - Kitchen and living room
  • 45 Albert Square - Backroom and Michelle's bedroom
  • Bridge Street
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Foodstore
  • Launderette


  • Radio Times synopsis: 'I'm determined... I'm really gonna do something with my life before I give up the ghost...'
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,100,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).