Phil tells Kathy he has changed his mind about going to the councilling sessions and today will be his first one. Kathy still thinks that Phil is doing this under duress but he explains in his faltering way that he felt he wanted to seek help. Kathy wishes him well and then settles down to a day in Pat's company. Before Pat and Kathy decide to tackle repairing Roy's bodged electrics Kathy sits and reminisces with her old friend. She speaks of her younger years and an old boyfriend and her consequent expulsion from school following her rape-induced pregnancy. Kathy's mood is generally doom-laden as she looks back on her life thinking of herself as something of a failure in many respects. Phil meanwhile is sat amidst the members of a newly formed alcoholics group. Feeling awkward as the introductions are passed around he finds himself trying to say as little as possible. However, as the session goes on he finds himself being forced to interact courtesy of a bit of role play. A young man living in a hostel is talking about his father who has also been an alcoholic. He speaks of the anger he feels when his father hasn't contacted him despite all his own efforts to stay in touch. For the purpose of the role play the young man casts Phil as his father and after the man has finished his railing anger at his "father" the counselor asks Phil why he hasn't been in contact with his "son". Phil is forced to respond and uneasily says it is because he would have been drunk and ashamed of himself. By now in the Evans household, Kathy and Pat are having a whale of a time in the fuse cupboard working from a DIY manual and getting the fuse box sorted. It appears that Roy has caused a right old mess when he put the fuses back in the wrong order. Phil returns home and calls Kathy over where he sits down and has a good heart to heart with his wife. He shows her photos of his father and explains how fearful he was of following in his father's footsteps. In Phil's own words his father was something of a violent man who had little aversion to striking any of the family bar Sam although none of the Mitchell's would admit to any indiscretion of this kind normally. He explains that his encounter at the meeting has opened up all kinds of fears for him and now he is starting to confront them he can finally start loving his son properly again. So eventually after an afternoon's talking, Kathy and Ben are going home again.


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