Leaving a note for Joe, David went over to the portacabin to secretly call the travel agent. He booked a flight for Milan for that very night. As he returned home to pick up his car, Joe spotted him and tried to persuade him to come inside and not leave the house. David told Joe that he had to get supplies from the shop, and got away for a while longer. David went to see Roy, to try and persuade him to go ahead with the wedding, telling him that Pat loved him more than she had loved anyone else in her life. Roy still didn’t know how he could be sure, but David eventually persuaded him to go round to see Pat.

Back in David’s flat, Joe filled every bucket and container he could find with water, and drank a sip from one glass. At Pat’s house, Roy and Pat made up, and decided that the wedding was back on again. David tried to straighten things out and apologised to Ian, but Ian stood firm and wouldn’t forgive him. David returned to the flat where Joe was convinced that the water had poisoned him. David made another excuse and got out to try and speak to Bianca. He told her that he was leaving. She was gutted, but agreed not to tell Pat until after he’d gone. He headed over to the Vic to try and explain to Lorraine why he had to go.

At the registry office, the wedding went off beautifully, but David got home to find that Joe had gone out looking for him. He started to pack his things, and sat down to write a note explaining everything. He was just getting ready to leave when Joe returned home, forcing David to explain himself. Joe followed his Dad out into the square, begging him not to leave, but to no avail. David departed the Square in torrents of tears.


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Last appearance of David Wicks until Episode 4348/4349 (1 January 2012)

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