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In the middle of the night Andy sneaks into the the Vic through the back to go and see Angie to carry on their secret affair. The both of them thinking Simon is in bed, talk about there affair on the stairs and share a kiss not knowing that Simon was in the bar the whole time listening to everything they said! Dot wakes up from a nightmare and screams for Nick. He gets annoyed and pulls a knife out on her and tells her the only thing she should be afraid of is him! Den returns to the Vic earlier than expected. Simon, not knowing what to do, runs upstairs and warns Angie. Sue thinks she is pregnant, Ali is chuffed. Mary tells Andy that Nick is trying to get her on the game. Angie tells Kathy about her affair with Andy - she doesn't take it well and tells her she can't stand by her with this one and quits her job. Ali and Sue invite Mehmet and Guizin to the Vic to celebrate the pregnancy. An unknown person breaks into Ethel's. Andy and Simon get into an argument and Andy says that if Angie made a pass at Simon he wouldn't say no so he can't judge him, but he tells her that she has in fact done so and he did say no. Andy is stunned.

It is the middle of the night. Ali leaves Sue to do some taxi work. As he sets off, his car breaks down.

Andy leaves his house and heads over to the Vic to spend the night with Angie. On his way into the pub, he bumps into Lofty, who is leaving. Lofty helps Ali with his car.

Andy and Angie talk downstairs about their affair, before sharing a kiss, unaware that Simon has been in the bar the entire time and has heard everything.

Dot wakes up from a nightmare and shouts for Nick. He walks in with a knife. When he realises why Dot has called him in, he holds the knife up to her and tells her the only thing she should be afraid of is him.

The next morning, Den arrives early at the Vic for an order. Simon panics, knowing Andy has stayed the night, and warns Angie. Andy leaves the Vic but is spotted by Lofty. He tells him he lost something in the Vic to cover his tracks.

Ali and Sue are elated following Sue's announcement that she is pregnant. She tells Ethel, who tells most of the Square residents.

Kelvin tells Arthur he should claim for redundancy money.

Simon tells Kathy he is not sure he can stay at the Vic.

Mary talks to Andy about her conversation with Nick, and says she wants him to help get her employed again, else she fears she will fall into Nick's trap.

Nick tries to convince Ali to get involved in a money-making scandal but Ali refuses to partake.

Pauline and Mary wait at the surgery to get Martin and Annie vaccinated. Dot joins in on the queue to be seen as the waiting room overflows with patients.

Angie takes Kathy upstairs and tells her about her affair with Andy. Kathy tells Angie she disapproves of her using Andy and is handing her notice in as she does not want to be involved in her dramas. Angie is horrified.

Simon confides in Pete about Andy and Angie, and is relieved when he finds out Kathy knows too. Angie asks Simon to tell Den that Kathy quitting her job is because of him, but Simon is unsure he can lie. He asks to see Andy upstairs. Andy and Simon argue over Angie. Andy tells Simon that if Angie made a pass at him he would not say no so he cannot judge him, but Simon tells Andy that Angie actually has already made a pass at him, and he did say no.


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  • Delivery Man - Martyn Whitby


  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public, hallway and upstairs flat
  • Walford Surgery - Consultation room and waiting room
  • Bridge Street
  • Bridge Street Market
  • 23A Albert Square - Living room
  • 45 Albert Square - Kitchen
  • Launderette
  • Al's Café