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Den provides Lofty with a big diamond engagement ring for Michelle. The day is full of engagement celebrations. The romance rubs off on Arthur and he buys Pauline a ring too. Lofty tells Michelle he is planning to become a traffic warden to look after the family. Mary's propositioned on the street which upsets her and she turns to Andy for advice. Arthur is in demand for all kinds of jobs. Den turns into a Victorian parent when he finds Sharon and Ian necking on the sofa. At the end of the day, Ethel is proved right - Nick appears in Dot's life again.

Ethel worries she will be arrested for reading Dot's fortunes wrong. Debbie tells her she has nothing to worry about as she has spoken with DS Quick, who has said she has done nothing wrong. Dot is on the prowl for Ethel, so she hides in the Vic. Dot sees Mary and makes remarks to her about her prostitution and strip dancing, upsetting her. Dot then accidentally swallows her nicotine chewing gum. She panics and rushes over to Pauline convinced she will die.

Arthur is thrilled with this three jobs and the extra cash he has.

Lofty is given an engagement ring for free from Den.

Andy visits Mary and tries to kiss her - she pushes him away. She tells him that she feels like everyone sees her as a prostitute because a pimp propositioned to her in the Square, but Andy says he was just trying his luck.

Lofty tries to give Michelle her engagement ring in the Square but a tramp gets in their way. He eventually manages to give it to her and Michelle is thrilled.

Andy gets drunk at the Vic and flirts with Angie. Lofty proposes properly to Michelle in the Vic, in front of everyone. Den accuses Angie of faking her suicide attempt. She ends up kissing Andy and the pair spend the night together. The next morning, he leaves, though Sharon sees them together.

Hannah and Tony sleep together and delighted at how well things are going as a family.

The new carpet has been laid at Number 45 and Pauline, Debbie and Ethel dance on it together.

Ian asks Den for advice on ladies. Sharon asks Angie if she can use their living room for the evening so that her and Ian can talk.

Arthur buys Pauline a new engagement ring as a present. Dot walks in and tells Arthur what she has seen in the newspaper - job cuts for the school cleaning service, which leaves him redundant.

Ian and Sharon talk upstairs and Den tries to split them up when Angie tells him about them. However, Sharon is undeterred to let him get away with throwing Ian out.

Arthur cries and is comforted by Pauline.

Dot calls Ethel a fraud for not reading her fortunes correctly. She walks out of the Vic and into Nick. She is shocked by his unexpected return.


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  • Return of Nick Cotton, last seen on 28 November 1985.
  • Despite the episode airing in April, Last Christmas by Wham plays in the background of a scene between Dot and Ethel in the Vic.
  • A behind-the-scenes clip of Lofty giving Michelle the engagement ring was included in the documentary Just Another Day aired on BBC Two on Friday 14th November 1986.
  • In August 2018, the channel Drama started to air classic re-runs of EastEnders - this episode was broadcasted on the channel on Wednesday 31st October 2018.
  • Radio Times synopsis: 'Look at it! Sparkling like a little star.'
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 20,000,000 people.