Today should have been Arthur's day in court and as he prepared he seemed somewhat calm about the whole affair. In fact he also seemed to be bordering on a trend of somewhat optimistic behaviour which for a man in his position seemed somewhat unlikely. Nellie turned up as "moral support" although the general trend of thinking was she was just sticking her nose into matters again. All this time while the Fowlers were getting ready to go to court a reporter from The Walford Gazette was sniffing around the residents in a most annoying fashion. With the assistance of the allotment crowd he successfully dug the dirt on Arthur's affair with Christine Hewitt. In fact as far as loyalty went it seems that nobody in the square (apart from a few select individuals) possesses an ounce as when Arthur decided to go for a walk to clear his head he was forced to scurry through the streets like the proverbial social leper with the stall holders casting the most unpleasant looks all the while. Meanwhile over at the Arches Phil and Nigel repaired a car, hardly surprising as it's a garage, but the fact seemed to amaze Nigel who instantly seemed to think he had a gift for mechanics much to Phil's annoyance when Nigel decided to start dabbling in his absence.

Also we saw Tiffany in tears following a bust up with her father regarding his proposed moving in of a new girlfriend. Sam promised Tiffany a room but after Grant refused to allow her to stay at the Vic. Luckily Bianca rushed to the rescue with a spare room as Ricky is in Paris. This of course struck a blow for Bianca in her ongoing war with Sam.

Arthur's case came to court and Arthur was missing, hence a warrant for his arrest was issued. He was located on the allotment where he was digging a hole (please no jokes :) ). I reckon at this point he's had another breakdown of some kind as he was acting like a man in denial trying to ignore the problem. He was then led away by the police leaving Mark stood looking upset.


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