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Final preparations are in full swing as the day of the carnival arrives. Debbie tells Andy that DS Quick proposed and asks for his advice - he gives none and later tells Angie that he is jealous and annoyed that he is still paying for the engagement ring he bought Debbie that was stolen. He also reveals he heard about Angie's overdose through hospital gossip. Mary is jealous when Sharon says she is looking for a boyfriend and might ask Andy. Den thinks Sharon is stealing alcohol from the Vic. Hannah and Cassie arrive in tears - Hannah says she stopped Neville hitting Cassie with a riding crop and Cassie reveals he has hit her with one before. Tony misses the carnival and returns with Hannah and Cassie's belongings and a cut on his lip. Michelle tells Lou she still contacts her baby's father and has grown fond of him.

Lofty, who is in charge of the event, rallies around ensuring residents are dressed up and rearing to go. Pauline is indecisive over her costume. Lou disapproves of it, saying it is too revealing.

Debbie is reluctant to dress up as a victim of the black death. She asks Andy for advice regarding DS Quick's proposal, but Andy does not give her any.

Mary, Michelle, Naima and Sharon get ready at the Vic. Sharon makes a comment on dating Andy as she tells the ladies she wants to find a boyfriend, which makes Mary jealous. Mary tells the ladies that Ian and Kelvin keep asking her to go on dates with them.

A taxi drives through Bridge Street. Sue watches it go past. Hannah cries as she cradles Cassie in her arms. They get out the taxi and go to Tony's flat. Hannah tells Tony and Kelvin that Neville tries hitting Cassie with a riding crop so she stopped him and they ran away. Tony is furious and instead of attending the carnival as a Roman, he walks off.

When Lofty learns that Tony will no longer be taking part in the carnival, Pete ropes Arthur into the role instead. Arthur is unimpressed. The carnival gets off successfully and Andy and Angie watch the float leave the Square. She invites him inside for a drink. Andy tells Angie about his jealousy towards Debbie and DS Quick. He then tells Angie that he knows about her overdosing via hospital gossip. Angie is horrified to realise Andy knows and asks him to keep it quiet.

Michelle tells Lou that she is still in contact with the father of her baby, and that she has grown fond of him.

Ali gets stressed over the lack of customers they are getting because of the carnival. The float returns to the Square and the residents are thrilled that it has all gone to plan.

Hannah and Cassie see Tony returning to the Square and run over to him with Kelvin. Tony has got their belongings in a suitcase. He hugs Hannah, and wipes blood from his lip.




  • Radio Times synopsis: 'I don't want any more violence, Tony. Please, I couldn't bear it.'
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 22,100,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).