It’s the morning rush hour for Debbie, Nigel and Clare Bates. Clare needs to be taken to school, Nigel needs to pay a utility bill before they’re cut off and Debbie needs to head off for her shopping. It’s all go but somehow they get everything done and head off for another ordinary day in their lives. Nigel starts his day in the video shop, dealing with the usual customer queries, until he’s surprised to see some policeman come in. He’s especially concerned as he’s storing some ‘contraband’ for the Mitchell brothers. But Nigel receives some devastating news - Debbie has been knocked down in a hit and run accident. Grant offers Nigel a wide shoulder to cry on. Nigel struggles to take in the terrible news as the rest of the Square hear what’s happened. Grant takes Nigel to perform the harrowing task of identifying Debbie’s body. The pair nervously wait in the waiting room until they hear the doctor’s footsteps echoing down the corridor … Nigel and Grant drive to pick Clare up from school to break the news about her mum. Nigel tells Grant how empty and alone he feels. But he manages to put on a brave face for Clare’s benefit as he leads her away to gently tell her what’s happened. A sorrowful Grant looks on as Nigel talks to Clare.


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  • Final appearance of Nicola Duffett as Debbie Bates.
  • An alternative theme was used for the ending of this episode, rather than the usual ending with the duff duffs, it featured a much calmer tone with Julia's Theme and then into the traditional theme tune, this was the twentieth episode that this alternative version was used the last being Episode 910 (21 October 1993).
  • Radio Times synopsis: The police arrive with some devastating news for someone in the Square. Phil tries to sweet-talk Kathy, and Tiffany gets a job.
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