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Natalie says a final farewell to the Square, Nigel is threatened with a violent encounter, and Arthur is forced to drive Nellie to her new home.

Nigel is still whinging about Clare's friends thinking he's a wimp. Grant asks him what he would do if someone bumped into him in the street, but not accidentally. Nigel says he would apologise. Grant sighs and tells Nigel to think of David Attenborough when he's confronted by gorillas - if you stand your ground they will back down. Nigel isn't convinced but Grant labours the point and Nigel is reasonably persuaded. Later that day he picks up Clare and the others from school and walks them home. Sonia and Janine are picking on Clare, taking her hat and playing with it. They throw it into the road. A man picks it up. They ask for it back and he acts hard and says take it off me. Nigel asks for the hat back and the bloke insults him mercilessly. Nigel insists and gets the hat back in the end and the bloke walks off having obviously done exactly what Grant told him to.

Kathy is thrilled that Phil is coming back on Monday. She tells Pat who says that she thinks it's a mistake and he's trouble, but if that's what she wants, good luck to her. Then Kathy talks to Ian about Phil coming back. He isn't impressed.

Bianca goes to see Natalie and has a go at her and tells her that if she's really sorry then she will leave the Square. Natalie does as Ricky's also not talking to her after discovering that it was her who put the underwear in the overalls to allow Bianca to find out. Natalie defends herself by saying that Ricky was never going to tell her and she had to do something. Pat has a go at Ricky about his treatment of Bianca and he then refuses to go and get his birthday present from her house.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Andrea Price - Cindy O'Callaghan (credited as "Mrs Price")
  • Yob - Andrew Barrow