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Grant and Kathy wait at the hospital as Phil is operated on as Peggy worries for her sons. Sharon decides to visit Phil in hospital.

Sharon decides she is going to visit Phil after her shift. Michelle reluctantly agrees to take her.

Ian asks Cindy if she is happy, wanting to make sure that they are okay.

Kathy lets slip that she knew about Phil and Sharon to Grant. Grant feels embarrassed.

Sharon dishes out drinks on the house and then shuts up the Vic. She and Michelle head to the hospital. Michelle wants to go in and see who is there before Sharon barges in.

Kathy learns of Sharon's presence and goes to see her in the car park. She dishes out some more nasty home truths which reduces Sharon to tears. Michelle takes her home.

Phil comes out of surgery and Kathy is allowed to see him in the high dependency unit. The operation has gone well. She decides to rest up at home.

Grant stays at the hospital and visits Phil once alone. He holds his unconscious brother's hand tightly.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Mr Nosko - Stanley Kowalski
  • Nurse - Lois Harvey