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Cindy decides she is going to have another swim. Nigel has enough of Grant's moping and Pat gives Ricky a helping backhander.

Ian wakes Cindy up early to seduce her but Steven interrupts any possible ideas of romance.

Sharon puts her make-up on and dresses nicely to signify her change in mood.

Kathy cannot take any more of the residents' kindness and snaps.

Phil starts to deteriorate in hospital. The doctor identifies a blood clot on the brain and chooses to operate immediately.

Geoff seeks to buy Michelle something nice from Sanjay's market stall.

Matt is delighted to see Cindy once more at the swimming pool and hopes to see her again tomorrow, as it is his birthday.

Sharon asks Pat about Kathy.

Cindy returns from her swim. Ian hopes to seduce her again, but they are interrupted by Kathy, who has received a phone call from the hospital regarding Phil. Kathy phones Grant to inform him of what has happened but he does not care.

Sharon tries to talk sense into Grant but he demands that she leaves, so Nigel resorts to expressing his disappointment and whacking him.

Kathy waits around at the hospital and turns her head upon hearing the door fly open. Grant stands in the corridor.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Matt - Toby Walton
  • Mr Nosko - Stanley Kowalski
  • Nurse - Karen Cass