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Kathy and Nigel wait into the night for Phil to come out of his operation. The police question Grant and Pauline has words with Michelle and Sharon.

Ian shows up at the hospital to check in on Kathy and learns of Phil and Sharon's affair. He is stunned.

Phil finally comes out of surgery so Nigel heads home to give her time to see him alone. Kathy comes face-to-face with Phil but cannot talk to him. She claims she barely knows him and rushes off.

The next morning, she tries to get back to normality by opening up the café. Pauline supports her and gives both Michelle and Sharon a piece of her mind.

Grant is questioned by the police over Phil's assault. He says nothing.

Sharon is taken aback by Pauline and turns to alcohol to cope with the situation.

Ricky is caught by Sanjay moving his things into Bianca's bedsit.

The police question Nigel over Grant. Nigel spares them of vital information. They then visit Kathy, who tells them everything. Phil is last to be questioned and insists he fell into the inspection pit. He calls for the nurses when the police try and extract more information out of him.

Grant is ultimately released and immediately heads to Square. He kicks the doors of the Vic repeatedly until Nigel takes him to his house to defuse the situation. He asks Grant what he wants from the Vic and heads to get it. Michelle reluctantly opens the doors to him but forgets to lock them behind her. Grant walks in a few moments later and takes a wad of cash from the till. He reminds Sharon they own half of everything - and he is going to get all that he can from her.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • D.I. Fallon - Nigel Humphreys (creditesd as D.I. Fallan)
  • Sister - Brenda Cavendish
  • Surgical Registrar - Alan Parnaby
  • Nurse - Noma Dumezweni