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Robbie is surprised when his family remember his birthday. Michelle turns to Pauline over Geoff's remarks about her aggression.

Michelle strops when she is rejected for the job at Walford Community Centre. Geoff uses it as an opportunity to identify a source of her aggression, which she does not appreciate.

Robbie and Kevin skive and find a stray dog in the playground. Robbie calls him Wellard and befriends him with sandwiches.

Cindy and Ian spend the day working on the fish and chip shop, Beale's Plaice.

Mr Watt catches Robbie and Kevin turning up to school late and has harsh words for them. Robbie is offended when Mr Watt brings Carol into the conversation and expels himself before Mr Watt can.

David attempts to threaten Phil but is unsuccessful.

Carol learns of Robbie's decision to leave Walford High School and demands that he starts looking for a job immediately. She gets him a suit so he can go to interviews dressed smartly.

Pauline sides with Geoff when Michelle's mood worsens whilst they are at the Vic.

David gives Pauline some home truths about Pete.

Michelle has enough of Geoff's remarks and responds childishly to him, which results in him walking out on her.


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