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Pauline comments on Geoff and Pat's friendship and Bianca wonders if Ricky will ever return. Michelle prepares for her night with Sharon, interviewing her for Geoff's study.

Grant has booked a drag artist at the Vic for the evening. Winston eyes up the drag artist from across the bar at the Vic and buys him a drink. He gets a shock when he learns of the drag artist's identity.

Michelle and Sharon start the interview, but manage to go off on tangents about Angie and Den.

Mark's mood has improved since Ruth's return.

Michelle realises that she has not put the recording tape in so does, and then interviews Sharon again. As the drinks flow, conversation digresses once more, this time onto Grant and Phil. Sharon insists that she loves Grant as she recalls the times she slept with Phil and how she genuinely loved him. Michelle comments on Sharon's latest encounter with Phil last month. Sharon admits there was still something between her and Phil. Their conversation is interrupted by the drag artist, and once he has gone, Sharon panics over the tape recorder. Michelle insists it stopped recording before talk of Grant and Phil. The drag evening at the Vic comes to an end and residents leave at closing time.

Geoff takes a drunken Michelle home while a drunken, loved-up Sharon takes Grant to bed.


Main cast[]

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Guest cast[]

  • Dolly Davenport - Jonathan D. Ellis


  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public, hallway and upstairs flat
  • 55 Victoria Road - Kitchen



SHARON MITCHELL (about her complicated relationship with Grant and Phil): I don't suppose I've known what I wanted really.



MICHELLE FOWLER: Really? After everything that's happened?

SHARON MITCHELL: Now more than ever. He really loves me, you know. Oh, I know he's no angel and, things haven't always been as good as they are now but, he's always been there for me, and I know that whatever else happens in my life, he'll always be there. And that's important. Oh, I know you don't like him but you don't know him, not really, not like I do. All you see is what he shows everyone else, but he's different with me. Gentler.

MICHELLE FOWLER: If you say so.

SHARON MITCHELL: I do. He's my darling.

SHARON MITCHELL: Phil was different.


SHARON MITCHELL: He just was. I didn't know that the first time, I mean one minute I was looking at him and the next, ripping each other's clothes off.


SHARON MITCHELL: Well, it was like Phil was a nice side of Grant without the other stuff. I think that's why I fell in love with him. I even thought things would work out once. You know, when Grant was in prison and me and Phil were together all the time.

MICHELLE FOWLER: What about now? It's definitely finished?



SHARON MITCHELL: It wasn't. I mean, there was all that stuff over the engagement when I just wanted to curl up and die but that's passed now.

MICHELLE FOWLER: What about when you went to see him at the flat a couple of weeks ago when Kathy was out? It's alright I know you didn't just go over there to wish him good luck.

SHARON MITCHELL: No, I wanted to see if there was anything still there.

MICHELLE FOWLER: And was there?

SHARON MITCHELL: Well I'd only been there five minutes and we were all over each other again, just like the first time.