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Sanjay has a tough day on the stall as he is left to deal with the mess Tricky Dicky has left behind. Ricky and David clash when Ricky lets a customer drive a rental car around the Square, thinking it is for sale. Della and Binnie move into their bedsit.

Mark drives to Gracewell Hospital to say his goodbyes to Joe, leaving Alan in charge of the stall.

Kathy acts off with Phil. He buys her a dress from Sanjay's stall to try and win her back over.

Mark greets Jackie at the hospital. She breaks down and reveals that Joe has died, leaving Mark speechless.

Neil Bradley arrives in Albert Square to poach down Tricky Dicky, and Ian admits he has run off and advises he extracts his location from Sanjay.

Mark befriends Ruth Aitken at the hospital. They go for a drink and get to know one another.

Kathy wants to talk to Phil about their relationship. Phil lays the cards on the table and is adamant he will not change for her, and if she wants to be with him, she will accept that.

Mark heads back to Walford after drinks with Ruth; she wishes him good luck.


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  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public
  • 3C Albert Square - Living room
  • 5B Albert Square
  • 43A Albert Square - Living room
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Kathy's Café
  • Mitchell Bros. Auto Repairs
  • Gracewell Hospital - Joe's room, reception and gardens
  • Unknown pub