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Ada "Emerald" Fox made her first appearance 13 January 2017 . She is portrayed by Doña Croll.


Emerald is the mother of Denise, Kim & Daphne Fox.

On 16 October 2006 Denise rings Emerald to ask her about who her father is and she says that she cannot remember anything about him.


Emerald was previously referred to in the series as "Ada", however, Denise asks if her mother is "still calling herself Emerald", implying that it is a nickname, rather than the character's name being changed.

Emerald and Kim arrive at the hospital for the birth of Denise's son, Raymond. Kim finds out Denise has decided to keep the adoption plans for him and both Emerald and Kim are upset with her. Emerald researches adoption, and is pleased to learn that Denise is allowed to change her mind. Emerald tells Patrick Trueman, Denise and Kim's surrogate father, about what she would have to do to stop the adoption and he advises her to support Denise. Kim decides to cut all ties with Denise as a result of the adoption and when Emerald stands by Denise, Kim angrily throws her mother out leaving Emerald no choice but to move in with Denise, Libby and Patrick.

When a bus crashes into the market and viaduct, Emerald is relieved to learn that Denise has survived the crash with minor injuries. Emerald catches Keegan Baker shoplifting at the local shop where Denise works whilst everyone is in chaos rescuing the injured, and attempts to stop him but he pushes her against the shelves. Emerald tells Kim's husband, Vincent Hubbard, that Kim's behaviour is unreasonable and Kim throws her out, so she moves in with Denise. Before Emerald leaves Walford, Denise defends Kim to Emerald and Kim says she is thankful for her sister, to which Emerald states that they are not sisters. When pushed for more information, Emerald reveals that Denise was brought to her as a baby and she felt she had no choice but to raise her as her own. Emerald says she is still Denise's mother and then leaves. Over a year later, Kim and Denise take a DNA test, which reveals that they are biological sisters and that Emerald lied.

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  1. 13 January 2017
  2. 17 January 2017
  3. 20 January 2017 - Part 2
  4. 23 January 2017
  5. 26 January 2017
  6. 30 January 2017
  7. 31 January 2017
  8. 2 February 2017
  9. 6 February 2017