Eibhlin O'Donnell made her first appearance 22 January 1991. She is portrayed by Mary Conlon.


Eibhlin worked wonders for Eddie Royle's image when she first visited him in Walford. The pretty, elegant, warm-hearted Irish woman met Eddie Royle in London about ten years before 1991. He was attached temporarily to the police PR department, and Eibhlin's job for the Irish Tourist Board in Dublin took her to the London office for a six-month stint.

Then in her mid-thirties, she was thinking about settling down, but she loved her job and the social life that went with it. Eibhlin was still firmly committed to her close-knit Catholic Dublin family, especially her widowed father and Maureen, her unemployed, pot-smoking younger sister.

Eddie liked her intelligence and her sense of fun, and they always had good times together whenever she was in London. They'd never discussed marriage until 1991. But she managed to transfer to the London office and the pair began to plan a future together in Walford. A part of her was never entirely convinced it would work. When Eddie was murdered, Eibhlin would never have to put it to the test.

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