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Edie Smith made her first appearance on 12 May 1987. She is portrayed by Eileen O'Brien.


Edie alienated her daughter so much that she ran away from Stockport to escape her. Mary moved to London after becoming pregnant, and chose not to inform her family about her child. When Mary's father tracks her down and discovers he has a granddaughter, Mary makes him promise not to tell Edie. She worries that her mother will interfere and take over. Her father, Chris , pays heed to his daughter's wishes for several years. However, when he discovers that Mary had left her daughter Annie alone in her flat to prostitute herself, he decides to take action. He informs Edie and she comes to Walford in May 1987 to sort Mary out. Despite Mary's protests, she takes Annie back to Stockport to live with her, leaving Mary distraught.

With the help of Rod Norman, Mary manages to take control of her life. She contacts her mother to bring Annie back, but Edie keeps refusing. Eventually Mary becomes so depressed that Rod contacts Chris and tells him Mary is considering suicide. A concerned Chris then finally brings Annie home to Mary.

Chris decides to move to London early in 1988 in order to open a haulage company. Things do not go according to plan, and he spends much of his time drinking himself into a stupor. Eventually, Mary contacts her mother to come and help Chris, and the Smith family finally manage to sort out their differences. Shortly after, Edie begins to consider moving to London permanently. This is too much for Mary to bear however, and she begins to rebel against her parents once again. Edie tries to intervene, but Mary is hostile and tells her that she will kill her if she ever tries to take Annie from her again. Shortly after, Mary decides to leave Walford. She takes Annie, and jumps on a bus to destinations unknown. Edie refuses to waste anymore concern on her unruly daughter and she leaves Walford to return to Stockport. Her last appearance was in May 1988.

List of appearances[]


  1. 12 May 1987
  2. 14 May 1987
  3. 6 August 1987
  4. 13 October 1987
  5. 15 October 1987
  6. 25 December 1987


  1. 17 March 1988
  2. 26 May 1988
  3. 31 May 1988