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Key Events[]

January 2005[]

4 Spencer Moon leaves the Square

4 Johnny Allen arrives and makes an enemy in Andy Hunter

6 Kate Mitchell rejoins the police force

7 Kate Mitchell leaves Albert Square

7 Angies Den is closed down

10 Zoe Slater sleeps with Den Watts in a bid to get pregnant

20 Dennis Rickman leaves Walford in search of his beloved Sharon

February 2005[]

March 2005[]

April 2005[]

May 2005[]

June 2005[]

July 2005[]

August 2005[]

September 2005[]

October 2005[]

November 2005[]

December 2005[]

23 Nana Moons funeral takes place

25 Alfie and Kat Moon leave the Square

31 Dennis Rickman beats Johnny Allen up and is later stabbed by Danny Moon